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Creative Solutions Pivots!

We are ready for events, weddings and parties, corporate events, backyard bashes, all kinds of events that bring people together, whatever the occasion.  If you know us, you know that we do not need a reason for a party.  We just want to hang out with our friends and family and we are sure you do too! 

The landscape has changed around us and we are pivoting to be able to serve you!  Whether parties of five, ten or fifty your event is now ready!… and so are we!

We have been working hard to be ready for you all as soon as the time is right.  We are putting policies and plans in place to make sure that we take care of you and of our team.   You are going to see some differences in the way that we do business; as we adjust and adapt to the situation around us.  

We have always taken pride in the equipment that we provide.  We are now taking extra precautions.  We are working to improve our policies and safety procedures each day.  Grab a Coffee or a Coke and get ready, here are a few changes you can expect.

  • Our team will be delivering with PPE (masks) to protect them and you.  Please look for the smiles in their voices and in their eyes – they are certainly there! 
  • We are working diligently to make sure that all of our equipment is sanitized when it is picked up and then again before we deliver.  
  • We have new chemicals that are geared toward killing Covid-19.
  • We now have hand sanitizing stations and hand washing stations available for your events. 
  • Our showroom will ease into limited hours over the next few weeks.  
  • We will stagger our hours so that we are not all in the same space, showroom or warehouse together. 
  • We are available for meetings, zoom or facetime anytime. 
  • We want to see your faces in our showroom. We will ask that you limit your guest and pick one friend or family member for our meetings.  We can facetime as many others as you would like for the planning experience. 
  • Our showroom and warehouse will be cleaned continuously to make sure that we are doing all that we can to protect all of us and you! 

With all of the changes happening around us, some things will stay the same.   You can expect the same level of customer service from us.  We are ready to share coffee and stories, mimosas and cookies if you desire!   We cannot wait to be back doing what we love to do and that is exceeding your expectations, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  

We pray that you are all well.  That each of us learned something from this experience that makes us better going forward and that we have learned to never take gathering with those that we care about for granted again!   Be safe friends, we will see you soon!