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Creative Solutions Trends and Training – Keeping It Fresh

Event trends change very much like clothing styles.  They change year to year and season to season.  Very often we see trends that were popular five or six years ago start to show up again.  Our team works hard to stay ahead of this.  We attend vendor showcases, read event and bridal magazines, listen to podcasts, study blogs from all types of vendors from many different geographic locations and most of all we listen to you, our client!  Sometimes what is in style, is completely irrelevant as our client has a vision of their perfect day and our job is to bring that to life.  

We also keep our team fresh by constantly learning something new.  We read (some of us listen, you know who you are) to books together.  Our current read is “Be Our Guest” a Disney Institute book.  We want to continually learn and improve your experience with Creative. Our goal is to always provide you outstanding service from start to finish.  

Team Creative meets every Tuesday morning to go over events from the last week. Thank you notes and reviews are shared with our entire group. We recognize that it takes a village!  We also go over every order that is coming up over the next two weeks.  We discuss things like logistics and event details.  We make sure that we have effectively shared the clients vision. This is how we prepare all facets of the organization for the next couple of weeks- sales team meets with production team.  

Different members of our team attend different professional and industry related shows and training each year.  Brad and Jacob attended the IFAI Tent Expo in Orlando this past January.  Lauren attended the Wedding MBA show last November. Brad, Shannon and Logan just returned from Anaheim from the American Rental Association Show.  Shannon just received her CERP (Certified Event Rental Professional) certification in January and in November she participated in a Leadership conference through the American Rental Association.  

In this industry, you have to keep it fresh.  Events are added daily, sometimes hourly, the delivery schedules change not only often, but every single day.  No two days, two clients or two events are the same!  Thanks for keeping it fresh for us.  We strive to do the same for you!