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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide :: Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cakes have been a popular tradition for centuries.  Full of symbolism and history, the cake is usually a big hit at every wedding.

Today, couples are finding ways to break this tradition in really fun and exciting ways.  An alternative wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to show off your style and personality as a couple. Here are a few wedding cake alternatives that we think are pretty fantastic!

Photo Credit: OneWed

Say goodbye to the cupcake tower and hello to a whole new treat that every sweet tooth is bound to enjoy – the doughnut cake! What is not to love about a mountain of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?  It may not have the bows, diamonds and glitz of a wedding cake, but we are pretty sure your guests will not be complaining with a doughnut in their hands!
93d17d3def289c1e68371f2fb93ca5a7Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

Looking for something delicious and adorable?  Every guest would enjoy a slice of pie on your big day!  This simple, All-American wedding cake alternative is perfect!  If you have great bakers in your family, pies are a unique way for them to contribute to your special day.  If not, you can always find a bakery that specializes in pies.6d03378df9e7d6e559b71bc329f5b663Photo Credit: the Kitchn

One of the upcoming trends for the reception is breakfast food.  This waffle cake is a spectacular idea! This cake is very easy, will not break the budget, and it will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Just make sure you have enough, because your guests will want seconds!

Still don’t see anything you love?  If you and your fiance don’t love cake or just want something nontraditional, there are plenty of options.  Choose something that shows off your personality and coordinates with the style of your wedding. Do not be afraid to break away from tradition.  Do what makes you and your fiance happy!

Happy Planning!