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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide :: Wedding Budgets

Wedding budgets.
No one really wants to talk about them; but today, we are going to! Many brides consider budgeting the worst part of wedding planning; maybe so, but oh how necessary. Proper budgeting helps provide the tools you need to make many of your decisions, and not budgeting can be disastrous for a bride and groom!

Weddings are supposed to be exciting and fun.  We want every bride to enjoy the whole experience, and budgeting is a crucial component to the wedding planning process.  We encounter many couples who skip the budgeting, only to find halfway through their planning that they cannot afford their wedding.  We have seen couples find themselves in debt over their wedding, which is no way to begin married life.

A budget can actually help keep expectations realistic and make vendor selection much easier!  Does that mean you have to sacrifice all your dreams and pinterest boards?  Of course not!  You can still dream big on a budget.  Trust us, we make it happen all the time!  We just don’t want your dream wedding to bankrupt you and your fiance.

So how does one create a wedding budget?

Sit down with your fiance; decide what is most important to the two of you.  Is it the decor? Photography? The flowers? Or the food? Make a list of items most important to you, and then do your homework.  Ask for price guides, quotes and packages from your vendors.  Once you have completed your research, you should have a fairly good idea of your budget requirements.

Still not sure what to do?

No worries! There are tons of great online resources to help you get started with the process.  One of our favorites comes from Lauren of Every Last Detail.  She has created a budget breakdown, which also includes a downloadable worksheet.
If you are totally in the dark on vendor pricing, then check out Lauren’s blog, “What do Wedding Vendors Really Cost?” 

Taking the time to prepare a budget and then sticking to it removes so much stress, especially when the wedding draws near. When all those final payments are due, you will be ready!

Happy Planning!