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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide:: Cutting the Guest List

91d7b762fd2ed987f431df9b1a8e6921The dreaded guest list! Planning a wedding can be exhausting, and the guest list is a huge factor. You do not want to offend or hurt feelings of anyone, but you simply cannot invite everyone you have ever known to your wedding.

So how do you cut the list? There is really nothing easy about the process, but the following ideas may help you get started.

First things first. You and your groom need to sit down and agree upon a few guidelines. For example: no children, no relatives beyond first cousins, no co-workers, no friends we haven’t talked to in 3 years, etc. Also, you need to establish who will receive a”plus one”, and who will receive just a single invitation. You must invite spouses, fiances, and live-in partners of your guests. After that, it is totally up to you! Setting “rules” seems crazy, but it helps to give you boundaries and consistency.

Once you have established your guidelines, prioritize your list into three levels. First level would include non-negotiable guests, such as immediate family and your closest friends. Don’t forget to include your wedding party, musicians, minister and anyone else participating in your wedding. Second level includes extended family and friends who meet the criteria you previously set. The third level are “fillers” such as co-workers, significant friends from your past,  and acquaintances for the extra invitations.

Like I said earlier… it is not easy, but do not get discouraged! Once you have your list finalized, the weight of the world will be lifted off your shoulders!

Happy Planning!

Credit: Eden Wedding Studio