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Fabulous Friday :: Ally + Eric// Dairy Barn

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Photo Credit: Brian Schindler

Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to not fall in love with everything about this wedding! From the glowing bride and groom, the DIY glass bottle seating arrangements, to the classy decor – what’s not to love? We loved working with Ally and couldn’t wait to get her input for the “Bride Tells All“, so here we go! Ally has some very honest advice for current brides planning their wedding, and for the future brides, so take it all in.


  • Describe your wedding style/theme in a few wordsCandlelight was the inspiration for the wedding style. Everything else that we selected was soft white…other than my bridesmaids dresses which were soft metallics (all different) which provided a lux juxtaposition of glamour in the Dairy Barn.
  • What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning process?: Everything comes in waves and unfortunately there’s no way around it – just the timing of planning. However, I created a google doc to keep track of details from budget to guest lists to vendor info and it really helped to keep me organized.
  • Do you have any helpful hints about the planning process?: My advice to future brides – be as specific as possible. There will be 1,000 options for everything…and everyone from best friends to parents to strangers will offer advice (this is a good example). But, if you go into each appointment with a specific idea of what you want i.e.) cake, music, decorations, etc., your selection process will be MUCH easier. You’ll end up with exactly what YOU want, not what other people select for you.
  • What special touch did you include in order to help make this wedding your own?: We wrote our own ceremony and vows. We didn’t want traditional songs, readings, etc. We wanted the entire day to be as personal as possible. We also served breakfast for dinner – our favorite meal!
  • Final advice to other brides: I would never turn my nose up to traditions – weddings are based on them. But, don’t follow tradition simply for the sake of tradition…make decisions based on what you want.