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The First Look: Yes or No?

25-of-the-MOST-AMAZING-First-Look-Wedding-Photos-071We have been in the wedding industry since 2000 and over the past 14 years, we have seen many couples (and families) struggle over the decision of the “First Look”.

What is the “first look” you ask?  It is a time when the couple meets privately for a few moments to share a sweet and intimate time together before the wedding. Often they will exchange a gift, a note or sneak a few kisses.

We completely understand the issues that arise; many families feel that it is “bad luck” for the groom to see his bride before the ceremony.  However, not all couples to this “rule”.  Many brides and grooms feel that a first look allows them a more intimate, special moment together before the excitement of the ceremony.  If you have had your own wedding, you understand how quickly the day goes by. Once the bride and groom unite in marriage, there is hardly any time for the two of them to enjoy a moment alone. This is why the “first look” prior to the ceremony has evolved into such a precious moment for the couple.


Of course this is not a requirement, but there are a few perks if the couple chooses to meet before the ceremony. It allows a few extra minutes for photos before the ceremony, so the bridal party can get to the reception (and food!) more quickly. The first look can also alleviate some of those last minute jitters, and gives the couple a few minutes to just enjoy each other without all of the chaos of the day.


Although most of our modern-day brides decide to say “I Do” to the “first look”, some choose to keep with tradition and wait utnil the ceremony. So the big question is “to look or not look?” What will you do?


Happy Planning!

Photo Credit:  My Inspired Wedding