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For the Happy Tears // SmittenOnPaper

While at a friend’s wedding a few months ago, someone leaned over before the ceremony started and informed me that the groom was going to surprise the bride by singing a song he wrote for her. Immediately I said, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to need a tissue!” – as if they knew everyone was going to be saying that that very phrase…. I flipped my program over and attached was a pocket with a tissue inside! I had never seen this done before, but I thought it was the best idea! Weddings are full of emotions and you can usually bet that some happy tears are going to be shed. Instead of leaving your guests shuffling through their purses for a loose tissue, here is a simple DIY project that everyone is sure to love! If you decide to make some of these for your wedding, share a picture of your final product with us on Facebook!


You can view each step at:
Program & Tissue Holder DIY