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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide::Head Table or Not?

301510_10150347175764347_1203132901_nAs little girls, we all dream of our wedding day. Some of us may have even gone so far as to create our own wedding dream book. But I am sure none of us ever imagined how involved planning a wedding actually is!

Daily we get asked our opinions on all things wedding. Recently we sat down with a bride to discuss the layout of her reception. She was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted when it came to linens, lighting, decor, etc. She struggled, however, with one question – head table or no head table. She came from a traditional southern family and grew up thinking a southern formal reception had to include a head table. She was very conflicted!  As styles and wedding etiquette change, we often get asked questions of this nature.  We know many of you have the same questions and conflicts. To help relieve some of your stress, we are going to begin answering some of your questions over the next few weeks! If you have a question you would like answered on the blog, please email Heather Prince at

To help relieve the stress of our recent southern bride, let’s address her question first!1002123_10151686428129347_30641498_n

Q: What do you suggest as an alternative to the head table at a wedding reception? I think our wedding party will want to stay with their guest.

A: Although the head table is the most formal way to seat your wedding party, it is not a necessity. You have several options!

One alternative to the head table is to reserve a specific table among the other guests for your bridal party and their guests to be seated. A second option is to expand your head table to include the guests of the bridal party. Many brides do not want to create a barrier between the bridal party and their guests. If that is the case,  you can always go with option number one, and you and your sweetheart can enjoy a romantic dinner for 2 at your own private table. If having a private dinner in front of a few hundred people makes you a little uncomfortable, you can always seat yourself with your parents and other family members or at the reserved table with your bridal party. The good news is there is really no right or wrong answer! HOWEVER, I would encourage  you to definitely have reserved seating somewhere at your reception for your bridal party! Whether it be at the head table or a reserved table with the other guests is totally up to you. Keep in mind, your bridal party has worked hard to make sure your day is perfect, so give them the courtesy of a place to sit, without having to search for an open table! The worst thing is walking into the reception after being on your feet for hours and noticing all the tables are taken!  So, don’t worry and stress about how to seat your bridal party, just choose the option that makes you most comfortable, and enjoy your wedding!

Happy Planning!