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How to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party: Rain or Shine

Happy Spring, friends.  Although I love all seasons, I must admit that I am excited about warmer weather and brighter evenings!  This time one year ago we realized on this first day of spring that this graduation season was going to be a big one for not only Creative, but also our family.  Our son Logan was wrapping up his senior year of high school andI I had been in complete denial.  I felt like I had blinked and this special time was upon us.  Well, the good news is, I survived it and he has thrived!   I will say, I am ready for this kid of ours to make his way home for summer!  I am looking forward to some family fun!

Last spring with the impending graduation came celebrations and parties.  We had a party with the families of his closest friends to celebrate six amazing kids.  We had an after graduation party and, then we followed up with family and friends with a low country boil to celebrate this milestone.  We were surrounded by great friends, beloved family and rain!  Yes, rain!  I spend my days telling clients the weather will only impact their event if they allow it.  Last spring, it was time to put those words to the real test!  It was our only child’s high school graduation and there was no chance of rain – but did it ever rain! For, Every.Single.Event! 

So here is what I learned from this experience: our team will tell you to always have a plan B!  If you are planning an event that is a totally outdoor event, have a tent reserved just in case of adverse weather or a change in the forecast.  Be prepared to move in a split second.  A drawn out decision just adds stress.  Most importantly, remember why you are having this event ~ remember that you are surrounded by the people that you love and that love you the most. For our parties, the rain either held off long enough to set the tone for a great event or started and ended quickly.  We enjoyed every second, rain and shine!

For all of these events we chose to host them at our house and keep it simple.  It was important to me that we were ALL able to relax, enjoy the occasion and spend time together.  We used farm tables, bamboo disposable plates, market lights and colorful napkins!  We threw in fun paper runners and cloth linens in college colors.  We made it easy for setup and cleanup while maintaining  a fun and fresh look.  Shameless plug – all of these items are available at Creative Solutions Special Events!   

Our team would love to help you plan a graduation celebration.  Rain or shine, we will be there and the party will go on!