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Living Safe and Having Fun

It is hard to believe that as I write this, the end of October is here!  The calendar says Fall is with us until December 21st, seriously?  We all know that winter is coming, by the end of November, we will all be saying “fall – whatever, this is winter”?   In the Carolinas,  the lines of the seasons are blurred.  We were in short sleeves during the day yesterday and long sleeves and jackets in the evening.  I love all of the seasons, especially the ones that involve leather gloves, pumpkin spice and outside fires.  In this season of Covid, that feels like it has lasted years instead of months, our family has chosen to get out and enjoy the things that we love and doing them as safely and as often as we can.   We have had many outdoor deck dinners, conversation and s’mores by the fire and even had a day filled with our friends and family and our favorite Cleveland County Fair food, really, that did happen, there are no pictures because I was too excited by bingo and funnel cakes to remember.  Throw in a tea party complete with hats, vintage china and lots of laughter and fun!  Team Creative played in a golf tournament.  Interesting side note, Brad is not a golfer, second time on the course ever, he didn’t take golf clubs – he said there would be plenty there! We had a backyard movie complete with my favorite Dill Pickle popcorn and oh yeah, we celebrated my 50th birthday too. 

So what happens when your favorite cousin is getting married in December and you really want to host a bridal shower to celebrate?  You do it, even in the pouring down rain!  How do you celebrate the wedding of the daughter of some of your very best friends, the daughter that you claim and love as yours, you do it!   We have celebrated birthdays by the fireplace, don’t zoom in too closely you will see the very fancy paper towels that doubled as napkins ~ they do have a pretty fold!!! We had access to Creative Solutions equipment (and so do you) but we also used a lot of things that we had in our home to make these “events” special.   

Here a few pictures from our fall so far.  Everything that we have participated in has been in our backyard or in the backyard of friends and family, remember, we can gather safely, and we can help with that at CSSE.   I hope that whatever your comfort level of gathering is, you are making memories, enjoying and remembering to keep loving on your family and your friends! 

Take care friends, let’s party soon!