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Say Yes to the Photographer

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.   You spend countless hours planning and imagining this important event. The day arrives before you know it,  all is perfect, and you want to remember every detail.  The last thing you want to do is to return from your honeymoon, open your wedding album and be disappointed with your photographs.  

Just as each bride has her own style, so does each photographer.  It is important that you choose a photographer who matches your style and will capture your wedding day just as you imagined.   How do you know if a photographer is right for you?  We have put together a few questions for you to ask in order to choose the right photographer for your special day.


First Things First:

1.       Is my wedding date available?

2.      How would you describe your photography style? (e.g. traditional, creative, editorial)

3.      What is your working style?  (more candid pictures or staged pictures?)

4.      Do you have an up-to-date portfolio I can see?

5.      Do I give you a list of specific shots or do you create your own list?

6.      Will you be the primary photographer on my wedding day or will someone else?  Do you have a second shooter?

After the basic questions have been answered to your satisfaction, then it is time to move on to more specifics:

1.       What packages do you offer? Am I able to customize them?

2.      Does your package include an album and rights to the photos? (if package does not specify)

3.      Do you charge a travel fee or other additional fees?

4.      What is your dress style for event days?

5.      How long will you shoot? What is the timeline for the day of event?

6.      Is there an additional charge if my wedding last longer than anticipated?

7.      Is my wedding your only event for that day?

8.     When and how will I receive proofs?

9.      Once I order my photos and album, what is your production time?

10.  Do you provide the digital images? Is there an additional fee?

Now that you have some of the basic questions answered, take time and think about what you really want in your photographer.  We believe that it is crucial that you and your photographer get along – after all, they will be following you around the entire day!  Did he or she answer the questions in a way that made you feel comfortable?  Do you feel your communication styles are compatible?  Are their packages in your budget range?  If you are able to answer yes to these questions, then you may be ready to confidently say yes to the photographer, checking one more thing off your wedding to-do list! 

We hope that these questions have given you a little guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding day!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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Photo Credits: Elizabeth Scott Photography (top photo), Andi Diamond Weddings (center photo)  & Blue Sky Studios (bottom photo)