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Style Me Pretty Inspiration

As I was scrolling through Style Me Pretty’s website today, there was one wedding that really caught my eye. I mean,  let’s be real, she incorporated Kate Spade into her day, of course it grabbed my attention! If you have a second, I highly recommend you heading on over and checking it out – you can view it here Style Me Pretty.

The awesome thing about this wedding is that everything is doable! The linens, gold chairs, gold chargers and bright colors are all things that you can easily incorporate into your wedding to really give off the wow-factor. Gold is THE thing right now – and I think there’s good reasoning behind that. If you’re planning a wedding right now, consider resources such as Style Me Pretty and Creative Solutions (of course!), to gather ideas from other weddings. There are so many DIY projects that you can easily re-create to make your wedding look like a million bucks!


Robin Van Dyke Photography

Robin Van Dyke Photography