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The “WOW” Factor- Event Lighting and Centerpieces

So you have your tent, tables, linens, chairs, china, and your accents for your event. You have almost everything you need to give your event the “WOW” factor! The last thing you need to set the stage for a fantastic looking event is creative lighting and fabulous centerpieces.

The lighting can make or break an event! You don’t want it be too bright or too dark!  If you are hosting an evening event, the lighting is crucial.  When executed the right way, lighting can give your event that extra boost for an upscale classy feel. Take a look at some of the fabulous events we have provided lighting for.




Last, but certainly not least, are the centerpieces. One of the very first things your guests will notice as they walk into your event will be your centerpieces. You want to make sure your centerpieces reflect the same style and mood of your event. For example, if you are hosting a rustic party, you do not need large, fancy containers with elaborate flower arrangements. You will want a more shabby chic look with maybe a few mason jars or rustic elements. The centerpieces will help pull your style and “mood” together.  They can help a guest determine if the event is a casual or a formal event.  Check out a few centerpiece ideas. We have items for every style and event!





As we conclude our three part series on the “WOW” factor,  we hope that you have been able to get an idea of what items you will need to help give your next event the “WOW” factor!  As always, Creative Solutions is here to make your event spectacular! We are committed to making your event the BEST you have ever hosted!