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Thompson Wedding// Red Boot Ranch

This wedding is full of everything sentimental and sweet! I love the honest and sincere advice that Samantha gives in the Bride Tells All portion of the blog. Considering I’m in the middle of planning my own wedding, I found myself making mental note of her advice. It’s important to make sure that the people you have helping you on your big day know what you want and are easy to work with, don’t rush taking pictures because you can’t get those moments back, and don’t worry if everything doesn’t go as planned because sometimes that makes the best memories! This post is a great read with some honest advice for future brides. I’m sure by the end of reading this blog, you’ll love this bride just as much as we do!

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Bride Tells All

  • Describe your wedding style/theme in a few words: Rustic/Country
  • What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning process?: Picking the “perfect” songs was the most stressful to me. I was blessed. I did not have a lot of stress. I had issues, but nothing that really was to overwhelming
  • Do you have any helpful hints about the planning process?: Secret to no stress: Get people that know you well  to help you make decisions. My mom knew my likes, dislikes and my “special” requests. She and other family helped me with everything.
    Hire great people that care about making your day perfect. Creative Solutions was very helpful and attentive in every way. Red Boot Ranch was our venue. It was beautiful and was everything we were looking for. It was not just the beauty of the Ranch but it was speaking to the owner that was the deciding factor. He was willing and ready to help make it a fun, relaxing and enjoyable day for us and our guests. The DJ, caterer and everyone I hired was awesome. If you have the right people helping you, hired pro’s or family and friends, you won’t have the stress. Really!!!!
  • What special touch did you include in order to help make this wedding your own?:  Sentimental and Simple. Even though I was having an outdoor wedding I wanted my “grand entrance”. My dad made doors for us to enter through. My future husband made an arbor. I wanted my dad to make and symbolize the beginning, as he has been there for me from the beginning. I wanted my husband to make and symbolize where our future together begins.  The signs that were used at our wedding was pieces of old wood taken from my husband’s great grandfathers old house. My guest register was an old window frame and I have it hanging on my wall now.  I did not want a stencil to be used on the signs, I wanted it hand written (free handed) by my mother and aunt.  My mother made my bridal bouquet. Lace that my grandmother had, who has passed, was used. Much other sentimental décor was used. So much of my wedding might not have looked special to someone else, but to me and my husband it was so much more than decorations, it was a part of us and those we love.
  • If you could do anything differently, would you? If so, what would it be: Do not get rushed with pictures. Guests WILL wait. Take all the pictures and time you need. There is no redoing this moment!!
  • Final advice to other brides: Don’t over play you wedding day in your head, it is going to be fine if everything does not go the way you pictured it
    I had the perfect song (remember this was stressful for me) picked out to walk down the aisle to. In my head I knew that the music will start, the ring bearer will enter followed by the sign carrier next the flower girls, the doors will close. As soon as the chorus starts doors will open and I will lock eyes with the love of my life. My father and I will proudly walk down to meet my handsome groom. The moment I’ve dreamed of….Well this did not happen. After all of the wedding party had taken their places the perfect song starts playing. Every things going as planned. It’s Time! I am ready! What happens? Emotional melt down! My dad starts crying uncontrollably and said I was his baby girl and he can not give me away. I start crying. He doubles over, trying to catch his breath. I am trying to get myself together and help my dad, who at this time is saying he is having a “heart attack”. The sign carrier (8 years old) wraps her arms around me and will not let go. While crying, she has now decided she is not letting me get married today. After seeing all this going on the ring bearer has decided these people are crazy, that there must be something bad on the other side of the doors and  he is not going through them either. One of the flower girls decides she is not waiting on everybody to get it together. She is ready to go (“she has been practicing”) so off she goes to find her place. So it turns out the 4 year old was the only one doing it right? Really? Yes! While all this is going on behind the doors the rest of the wedding party, preacher and the Groom are waiting and waiting. Finally at the end of the song and with the help of a few family members everyone pulled it together and all of us took our places. As we walked past the guests, my dad’s tears were still flowing, and everyone became aware of the reason for the delay. Was it the romantic moment I had played over and over in my head? NO.  But was it perfect? YES. More than it ever had been playing around in my head. I will always remember the love I felt at that moment from my dad. ”Priceless”. We still cry and YES, laugh about this! So remember the things that don’t go as planned might make the best memories.



Photo Credit: Tori Leigh Photography