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6 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Colors

Some people start planning their special day and know the general details of it as a child. Others wait until the time has come to discover and explore those general details. If you haven’t had your heart set on a wedding theme and/or color since you were a little girl/boy, don’t worry! Here are 6 tips to finding your perfect wedding color(s).

1) Select Your Venue First. If you do not already have your colors locked in, wait until you have selected your venue and know what the look, feel, colors and atmosphere are of it. If all the walls of your venue are cream with soft yellow lighting, rich brass wall accents and dark burgundy carpets, you probably don’t want a room full of stark white linens with bright neon pink napkins and silver accent centerpieces/chargers. However, that might be absolutely stunning in a venue with lots of bright natural lighting, windows, hardwood floors and white walls. Take the details into consideration and take photos for referencing!

2) Swatch Walk Through. There are hundreds of colors out there but all of them are not available in decor, dresses, linens, etc. Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and check out their paint swatches. Grab a couple that catch your eye but keep your venue colors in mind. You can grab 10 wildly different colors if you’d like or you can grab the top 3 that interest you. Schedule an appointment with your venue or go in yourself if it is open and hold those colors up in the room; against the walls, on the floor, in the air, at the ceremony location, etc. Some colors are gorgeous and you have an idea of what it will look like in your head but then they can look completely different once introduced to the space. Once you have your general color(s) be sure to check with your venue/rental company and dress shop to find a color that they both have that most closely matches.

3) Pinterest. Pinterest is one of our best friends while planning a wedding but can also be overwhelming. You start pinning in one direction and before you know it, it’s been 2 hours and you have a beach theme, rustic theme and 20 different colors pinned! When you are searching for inspiration try to pull out specifically what it is about the photo that’s drawing you to it. The color(s), the style, the people, the florals, the venue look, etc. After you’ve pinned away, go back through each photo and imagine it with your venue and anything else that you may already have or have your heart set on; your dress, your bridesmaid dresses, your centerpieces, your cake, etc. Does it come together nicely and fit the feel? If not, delete it and help filter down to the look you most want.

4) Design Boards. This is similar to a swatch walk through, but with more detail – create a design board. Grab paint swatches, fabric swatches, metallic sharpies, twine, ribbon, lace, etc. and play around with these to create different looks and combinations. This can help you weed through what you like and what you LOVE.

5) Start Somewhere Else. If you have no idea what your perfect color scheme is for your big day, start somewhere else! Meet with your florist and see what flowers you love – certain flowers are only available in certain colors. If you find a look that you love then choose colors based off of that. Go dress shopping with your bridesmaids – y’all might fall in love with a dress/designer and it only comes in 4 different colors, now you have narrowed it down. Chat with your wedding planner and gather his/her suggestions – he/she will be able to consider your venue, personality, background and any “musts” that you have to provide colors and combinations. Meet with the venue and ask to see a variety of photos from past weddings there – you’re not going to copy them completely because each wedding is unique and personalized but you could get some confirmed inspiration of what you like and don’t like in the space.

6. Get Personal. Get inspired by your surroundings and make it personal. Do you and/or your fiancee wear certain colors a lot? Do y’all have a special memory or holiday to pull from? Do y’all have a sentimental flower, color, item, location, etc. that you might want to incorporate? What were you wearing during the proposal? Does your ring have any unique colors or special factors to it? When you think of your personal love story, what colors come to mind?

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