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Top 5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged


The day has come – the one you have been dreaming about.. he finally put a ring on your finger and asked you to be his bride (sigh, gasp, tears).  After calling every person you know, what’s next!? Where do you start? So much to do! 

Do not stress; we are here to help!  We have all felt overwhelmed with the wedding process, so we decided to put together the “Top 5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged” to help you get on the right track for successful and happy wedding planning.


1.  Enjoy. Sit back and relax. Reflect and soak in every detail.  Spend time with your partner and savor the moment.  This is between the two of you; Facebook, Twitter and phone calls can wait.

2.  Share! This is a joyous occasion in your life. Spread the news to the ends of the earth. Show that ring off!

3.  Sit down with your fiancé and discuss a tentative wedding date and venues.  Discuss back up options in case your first choice does not work out.

4.  Grab a notebook, a pen, and your fiancé and hash out your expectations for the big day.  How do you and your fiancé want the wedding to look and feel? Make sure you are both on the same page before you make any big decisions.

5.  Create a budget! This is probably the worst part of planning but the most critical. Make sure you know your budget so you can plan effectively.  Without a detailed budget, you are assured to be frustrated and stressed.


Bonus:  We said it once, and we will say it again.. ENJOY!!! Do not let this time be stressful or consume your life.  Remember, you and your fiancé are on the same team and this is about the two of you, your love for one another and commitment.  Continue to “date” your fiancé and enjoy the last few months you have during your engagement before you become husband and wife!  Take it all in.

Happy Planning!

Photo Credits: Gino Siller Photography (Top Image), Yah Photography (center image) & Project Life Photography (bottom image)