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UNCC Strong

As I sit and write today, my heart feels heavy.  I work in an industry filled with happiness.  Almost everything that our team touches makes a special day, well special.  We bring smiles and sparkle to events.  Weddings and celebrations and everything in between.  My blog was due to Girl Wonder on Monday, but we are busy, I mean it is “the season”.  I just could not get it to her.  The weekend was busy, Monday was crazy and then Tuesday, I thought, tonight I will write the blog.  And then, I get home and there is news of an active shooter on the campus of UNCC.  What?  My team had just been there that morning making a delivery.  Children of my friends are in class and live on campus, I have friends that work there – a shooting?  Friends of my son are there – studying – this cannot be real. 

There was no way for me to even think about a blog post.  I could not even begin to think about colors and all things that glitter, chair styles, and happy days.  This was not a happy day, nor will it be a happy week or even year for so many. Lives were lost and lives were changed forever in our community.  The decision of one person, that I will never understand, just changed the lives of young people studying for final exams and celebrating the last day of classes.  The lives of parents that lost a child will most certainly never be the same.  Students – young adults, the UNCC family, and our community will have this horror in our memories, forever. 

So as our team started our day on Wednesday talking about the tragic event of the prior night, with tears in our eyes we knew we had to put on a “happy fake” and get to the business of being Creative Solutions.  We did it with heavy hearts, sadness and grief for all of the people touched by this day.

We are part of the UNC family and so proud of the way they have handled the situation.  I have a son in the UNC system and this is just too close to home.  I can’t understand, I can’t write about happy today, it just feels wrong.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at UNCC.