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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide::Wedding Favors

favor_wedding_flower_desert_tree_stump_plant_succulentEvery beautiful wedding deserves a thoughtful favor! The giving of wedding favors is an age old tradition that has evolved tremendously over the years. Wedding favors are the perfect way to express your appreciation to all of those who have traveled from near and far to help celebrate with you. Although not a requirement, they provide a nice touch and give your guests a lasting memory of your wedding. The favor can also add to the overall experience; by incorporating the styles and colors of your event, you will be sure to impress your guests. When choosing a favor, be original and pick a favor that is meaningful to both you and your fiancé. You do not have to break the budget in order to provide fantastic favors.  Sometimes the most memorable favors are the simplest ones! The one rule of thumb when choosing wedding favors is to be sure they reflect the personality of your relationship. If you stick with this rule, all of your guests will be sure to love them! Below are a few cute ideas!


Happy Planning!

Photo Credit: Wed Society  ,  Style Me Pretty, MD Turner Photography, and The Knot