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The Wedding Guest List… Invite, or Sit Tight?

While currently planning my own wedding, one of the hardest decisions has been who makes the guest list? Should I invite the people I graduated with, do I need to invite every member of my church, how far down the line of cousins am I supposed to invite, should I invite just friends of mine or do I invite my parents friends too…. and the fact that I live in a small town doesn’t make it any easier! If you’re running into the same problem, Wedding By Color has generously provided this formula that may help you decide “who makes the cut”.  There are some friends and family that you will of course not have to even question whether or not they should get an invite. However, for those individuals that you are unsure of, this will help you decide. Thankfully, this formula is not only very reasonable, but it’s also super easy to follow. Choose the name of a person that you and your fiance are unsure about, start at the pink arrow, and answer the following questions, eventually leading you to “invite” or “sit tight”!

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