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Creative Solutions Wedding Guide:: Wedding RSVPs

DW33554FLNFCSLThe million dollar question…Why is it so difficult to get guests to RSVP?

We have had many brides who are frustrated with the RSVP system.  When it comes time to confirm numbers with vendors, they have no idea how many guests to expect at their wedding. They may only have a handful of response cards, and they do not know if they should reserve 100 or 125 chairs, order food for 175 or 200, or purchase 125 programs or 150! Talk about stressed out!  We will never understand why this simple task is so difficult. Although you will never get every guest to respond, there are a few things you can do to help encourage your guests to RSVP.

1. Timing is everything. Make sure your invitations are mailed out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.  One mistake is sending invitations out either too early or too late.  If you send them too early, it is more difficult for your guests to commit.  If you send them too late, then you may not get the RSVPs back before numbers are due to your vendors.  Timing is key.

2. Stamp your RSVPs. Be sure to include a pre-stamped envelope in your invitation.  If a guest has to search for a stamp or even purchase a stamp, they are less likely to return the card.   The stamps will cost you a little more money, but in the long run doing so is much more economical than overpaying for food and seating.

3. Go Digital.  If you have a wedding website or social media group for your wedding, simply post a friendly reminder to your guests.  People have a lot on their minds, and sometimes they forget about the most important day of your life!  A kind reminder will be sure to do the trick.

4. Make the Call.   Pick up the phone and call your guests. It is not bad etiquette to call your guests. They may think they have sent the card, but, in reality, it may be sitting on their desk.  The invitation may have even been lost in the mail!  If you are not able to call or do not feel comfortable making the phone call, just assume they will be in attendance.

Even with these tips, you must accept the fact that you will not receive 100% of your RSVPs.  You cannot change the behavior of others, but you can determine your reaction.  Do your best to encourage your guests to respond, and do not stress out if they fail to do so.

Happy Planning!il_570xN.557052263_95wjPhoto credit: Flairnecessities, Invitations by Dawn